How it Works

1. Register online

You can register online immediately. Payments are taken by Credit Card only and are protected by our A+ SSL certificate. But you might want to get the next step organised first…

2. Send through your details

We'll insert all your content into the website and setup the design, but you must send it to us in one go. Gather up the following details below. After signup you'll be asked to complete a form where you can enter in all the following details.

  • Your Logo
  • Login details for the website where you registered your Domain Name (example: Crazy Domains, GoDaddy)
  • Text for each page on the website, clearly divided, up to 10 pages (you can add more later)
  • Photos (send a Dropbox link if you can)

3. Wait a week

Once you've submitted all your content and domain name details through we'll setup your website. Within 7 days you'll receive an email with a preview address to view the website and the chance to request any colour/text changes.

You'll have full control over the content once it's launched.

4. Tell your friends!

Once we're right to launch it's time to tell the world how your amazingly simple your new website was to create. You didn't even break a sweat!


If you have any questions check out the FAQ page. Or contact us.