Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add new features to the site?

If you have an idea for a new feature for your WPandMe site send a ticket through your Dashboard. We're constantly developing new features to improve all the sites on the network and will take all feedback on board.

Can I host the website somewhere else?

Nope. Our low pricing and fast turn around is based on keeping the whole service streamlined. That means no hosting configuration frustration for you, or us.

Can I purchase this WordPress template for my own use?

Nope. Our custom designed WordPress template is for our members only. But hey if you want something custom we know someone you can contact.

Can I installĀ this plugin or that theme?

Nope. With all our sites on the one network we keep the available themes to just one (with lots of customisation options) and just the plugins you need. Our curated list of plugins covers all the important stuff, like Google Analytics, re-ordering pages and more.

Can I have an email address setup?

By an IT Professional, sure. We can put you in touch with one if you need. Your WPandMe hosting does not include an email account.